Raising Your House versus excavating underneath

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Raising Your House versus excavating underneath

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Adding a second storey to your home is appealing to many Queenslanders. It offers more room for your family to grow, maintains your current location and increases the resale value of your home.

When it comes to adding that storey, you can either add a top-level extension, raise your house, or dig underneath. Building down is usually an easier and more cost-effective option. But is it better to raise your house or excavate to create your basement?

Meier House Removals, an experienced house raising company in Brisbane, explains the benefits of raising versus excavating so you can make an informed decision about your home.

Height Requirements for a Basement Level in Brisbane

According to Queensland building codes, a habitable room must be at least 2.4 meters from floor to ceiling. Anything smaller is considered a utility room. Having a habitable room is much more comfortable and increases your home value too. Therefore, you know that you want to create at least 2.4 meters of livable height, and you’ll have to leave room for the floor, and beams, ducts, wires and plumbing above.

Benefits and Process of Excavation

The biggest appeal of digging underneath your house and adding a basement level below ground is that you can maintain the look and flow of your house. For example, say you have your kitchen and living room on the ground level and bedrooms upstairs. If you excavate and build below, you will still enter your house to the same rooms. However, if you raise your house and add a lower level above ground, your kitchen and living room will be on the second floor above ground level, which some homeowners don’t want.

The process of digging underneath your house may include:

  • Restumping then building
  • Restumping, slabbing, then building
  • Raising, restumping, slabbing, then building

This process varies depending on the material and placement of your current stumps. It is much more difficult to excavate when your house is already at ground level all around and has concrete or timber posts.

Benefits of Raising Your House

Raising your house addresses one of the biggest concerns for Queensland homeowners – flooding. If you build below ground, you are at a much greater risk of damage due to wet soil or your entire basement being flooded. Therefore, raising your house is the best option to ensure quality and longevity.

When Meier House Removals raises your house, we start by lifting it off the ground and placing it on temporary steel beams and timber supports. Next, we replace the temporary supports with steel beams and steel, timber or concrete stumps. These are install in a new footing in the ground to provide and then poured with concrete. After that, we can recommend a builder to frame and complete your new lower level.

Achieving the Best Results for Your Home

While it’s possible to achieve the legal head height by excavating underneath or raising your house, raising offers greater protection for your investment. To request a quote and assessment of raising your house in Brisbane, call Meier House Removals on 07 3849 1122.