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House Raising with Meier

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At Meier House Removals, we can reposition your house in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Our house raising service opens the opportunity for splitting a home and adding multi-story options. Furthermore, it’s usually straightforward to raise a house while staying within the council’s by-laws. If you want to raise the value of your house, improve the quality of your property and increase the living area, consider raising a house with Meier House Removals.

Our house raising process involves lifting your house above its foundations and holding the house on temporary steel and sty blocks. We then install new steel beams and steel columns that permanently hold the house up higher than it was previously.

Our team know everything there is to know on how to raise a house. When you’re working with the professionals at Meier House Removals, your house raising service will be safe and carefully handled. We check for all hazards, like electrical connections, sewerage, and water and gas lines while handling handle our work with the utmost professionalism.

Meier House Removals provides high-quality house raising services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and parts of NSW. Our team has over 40 years of industry experience, and we guarantee that we will raise and re-position your house to meet your needs. To find out how we can perform house raising, contact us on 0738491122 to find out more and get a quote on the cost of raising a house.

The Benefits

When you raise your house with Meier House Removals, you reduce the risk of flood damage and decrease insurance premiums if you live in high-risk areas. Additionally, it’s a great way open up opportunities for extensions, adding a new lower storey, improve the view, create outdoor space and increase property value.

Professional inspecting a raised house in Brisbane
A small house raised in brisbane by Meier House Removals
planning makes perfect


Meier will work with your builder to ensure we have all of the important information prior to any action; particularly, the accurate height of the house (as marked by a Surveyor) and positioning of new stumps and completed soil tests to evaluate all requirements before beginning the raising of the house.



In our 40+ years of experience, we’ve found that working with a surveyor in the final stages is vital to ensuring your desired height and position on a block are clearly indicated to our team. We pride ourselves on making sure your house is perfectly positioned the first time. A Form 12 from the Surveyor is required by the Private Certifier on completion of renovation.



As part of the restumping process, Meier House Removals can hold the house and support the house with our temporary steel beams and sty blocks depending if it is a full replacement of stumps or a partial replacement of stumps. Once your house is in its desired position, you have the choice of using our experienced team or your own builder to restump the house.

Frequently asked questions

For safety reasons, the tenant cannot stay in the home throughout the process as power and plumbing will be affected.

The average house slide, spin and raise can take between 2-4 weeks from start to finish. It is extremely helpful to have clear engineering plans and soil tests to ensure your project is on time.

Cleaning up after a site is not factored into our costs but we are happy to arrange it for you if you desire.

For a seamless process, ensure you have:

  • Engineering plans
  • Soil tests – very important if we are re-stumping for you
  • Building plans
  • Form 16 – issued after a surveyor has inspected the new site

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