Brisbane House Raising and Restumping: Step-by-step Guide

Tradesman fabricating steel stumps for house renovation

Brisbane House Raising and Restumping: Step-by-step Guide

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Raising, sliding and rotating a home can seem like a complicated process, but when you engage experienced professionals like Meier House Removals, we keep everything as simple as possible for you.

To give you a clearer idea about what you can expect from house raising and restumping, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to raise a house. From the launch of the project until you move into your adjusted property, the process could be more enjoyable than you expected.


Step 1: Getting a quote

Usually, house restumping in Brisbane doesn’t require council planning and approval subject to if it’s a full restump or a partial restump. To find out if your project will require any sort of approvals, the first step is to get in touch with Meier House Removals. We’ll be able to assess the property, let you know about any approval process required and provide a quote.

When you’re happy with the above, we can send our experienced house raisers to get started.


Step 2: Lifting the property

We use multiple 15T hydraulic jacks and steels to support the weight of your property while we lift it. It’s illegal for residents to live in the property during the house raising process, so you will need to relocate for the duration (approximately 2-3 weeks).

We use structural steel to support the house during the raising process. The Surveyor marks a datum height or bench mark to ensure the house is in the correct position once raised. Then the Surveyor comes back to site to ensure the house is in the correct position. The Surveyor will issue a set out certificate form 16 which will be required to give to your Private Certifier on completion of the job. The great news is that you can keep your furniture in the property during this process, for minimal disruption to you.


Step 3: Digging around the property

Once we’re confident that the house has been properly and safely lifted and supported by our stys and steels, we dig around the existing stumps, so we can pull them out. Depending on the type of stumps, this step can be faster or more complicated.)


Step 4: Preparing the ground for the new stump

Stump removal leaves a hole behind that needs to be cleaned and prepared, for us to install the concrete footing that will support the new stump. We use machines for this process, which allow us efficiency in getting rid of old concrete and stumps.


Step 5: Disposing of old stumps

We load a skip bin with the old stumps and rubbish or we can arrange for the Excavation team to remove the old stumps and debris with their trucks to leave the site clear and ready for you to move in once the process is complete.


Pouring the concrete

We put new steel columns in the new holes, so we can pour in the concrete. Once the concrete has set, we let down the house onto the new footings, welding posts to the structural steel and ensuring everything is securely in place.


Step 7: Getting reconnected

We’ll let you know when it’s safe to move back into the property and reconnect your services.


Get started

If you’ve already engaged a draftsman and engineer and are ready to begin the Brisbane house raising and restumping process – or you just need further information – call us for Meier house raising advice. You can reach our team on 07 3171 9358 to get help, whatever stage of the process you’re at.