The Benefits of Raising a House

A typical old house in Queensland

The Benefits of Raising a House

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House raising is the process of elevating a residential property, to open functional opportunities and improve the aesthetics of the home. But why would you want to raise your house in Brisbane?

There are several personal and practical advantages, and most increase the value of your property – even if that’s just a bonus. In this guide, we’ll discuss some primary motivators to start the Queensland house raising process – to help you visualise what you could achieve with your own home.


1. Reduce the risk of flood damage

Some parts of Brisbane are high-risk areas when it comes to flood damage – especially suburbs located near the Brisbane River. Raising your house can help avoid costly repairs and is a risk reduction measure that can lower your insurance premiums.

Choosing to make an investment to protect your home now can see you saving more money in the long-run – and can save your property and the valuable possessions inside.


2. Open extension opportunities

Many character and heritage-listed homes across Queensland are forbidden from being extended, because the council wants to maintain their iconic appearance. That’s why house raising is so popular in the QLD state; homeowners can add more space, without losing the classic aesthetic.

Utilise the new space to fit your lifestyle. Whether you have a growing family and need an extra room or two, or you want to rent out a room to generate a new income stream, you can increase size and add value to your property.


3. Create a beautiful outdoor living space

Once a home has been lifted, homeowners are afforded a unique lower area. People often use this as a patio or outdoor entertainment area; bringing the comfort of the indoors to their garden. Consider adding a sofa, BBQ or dining area. Other potential uses include an outdoor gym, a yoga area or even a home spa.

When it’s time to sell your home, this spacious yard is likely to add value and generate a higher sale for you.


4. Improve the view

Taking advantage of Brisbane’s hilly terrain and beautiful skyline is difficult when your house sits too low. Raising the house enables residents to enhance the view from their home, which in turn also adds value to the property. There’s no need to move to a new house to enjoy views from every angle, when you can just bring the scenery to you!

Enjoy more sunsets and a better breeze in the evenings, for a little respite from Brisbane’s often clammy climate.


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