Brisbane House Raising: Can I Raise a Brick House?

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Brisbane House Raising: Can I Raise a Brick House?

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Raising a house can increase the value of your property – adding a parking area, creating a larger living space or accommodating your growing family. Whatever your reason to raise your house in Brisbane, choose a reputable company that will ensure you’re adhering to Queensland’s laws and that the process is completed safely and efficiently.

It’s important to remember that some houses are better suited to the raising process compared to others. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to raise a house and which types of houses are best.


How to raise a house

When raising a house in Queensland, the council requests that no more than an additional 800 millimetres are added to the building. If more than 800 mm are needed, you should consider partial excavation, to maintain the proportions of the house and its relationship to the ground.

To raise a house in Brisbane, Building Approval is required. We take care of this, ensuring your project is approved for construction while we work on the design plans. Once this is taken care of and approval has been granted, the house raising process goes like this:

  1. Steel beams are placed under the house for temporary support
  2. The site is cleared and profiled
  3. Dig out begins
  4. Holes are drilled into the ground
  5. Concrete is poured into the holes and allowed to solidify
  6. The beams are lowered, and welding begins
  7. The temporary beams are removed


Can I raise a house if it’s made from brick?

Houses on stumps are the best candidates for home raising and we’re lucky in Queensland, since the typical architectural style usually lends itself to raising.

Unfortunately, not all houses are suitable for this treatment. Properties must be timber-framed structures built on stumps, and houses built on concrete slabs cannot be raised. Some brick homes can be raised however the bricks would have to be knocked off.  A site inspection would be required to see if this is possible. A house sitting directly on a concrete slab cannot be raised as we are unable to get under the house to jack it up.


The benefits of raising a house

Some advantages of raising a house on stumps includes:

  • Reducing the risk of flood damage
  • Decreasing insurance premiums in high-risk areas
  • Add an extra room or storey to accommodate a growing family or rent out a room and create an extra stream of income
  • Improve the view from your home
  • Increase property value
  • Create a more liveable outdoor space


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