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Brisbane House Raising and Restumping: Step-by-step Guide

Raising, sliding and rotating a home can seem like a complicated process, but when you engage experienced professionals like Meier House Removals, we keep everything as simple as possible for you. To give you a clearer idea about what you…

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Cost Factors in House Re-Stumping

Whether you need house re-stumping work because you have damaged or decaying stumps or require it as part of raising, spinning or relocating your home, the work often doesn’t come cheaply. Re-stumping a house is a major undertaking that you…

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Must Do Tasks Before Relocating Your Home

Are you considering raising, sliding, removing or re-stumping your home? Look no further – we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the steps you need to take before the actual project begins. Follow these tips and don’t get caught out…

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