Is Raising and Sliding Your House Cheaper Than Buying a New One?

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Is Raising and Sliding Your House Cheaper Than Buying a New One?

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Before you start looking at houses for sale in Brisbane, consider whether raising or sliding your current house is a better option. If your reason for wanting to move is that you need more space, don’t like your location on your lot, or you want a different view, raising or sliding your house can address those concerns at a much lower price point. Furthermore, making these modifications to your current house allows you to keep everything you love about it in place and means you don’t have to uproot yourself and your family and settle into a new home.

What Does It Mean to Slide Your House?

Sliding your house involves lifting and moving your house horizontally using a slide and hydraulic jacks. To prepare your house for sliding, you may have to acquire building permits from The Brisbane City Council. You’ll need to remove certain items from the lower level of your house and ensure a clean space to work, such as appliances, wires, ducts and plumbing.

Benefits of Sliding Your House

Sliding your house has several benefits:

  • Moving your house to a different location on your lot to comply with council boundary changes or move away from hazards.
  • Creating a bigger space on your lot for a home extension or addition like a swimming pool or carport.
  • Placing your house in the best position to increase the resale value of your home.
  • Sliding your house to a new location on your block to keep everything you love about your home and its architecture in place.
  • Relocating a historic home to save it from demolition.
  • Raising your house to remedy foundation issues or provide protection against flooding.

How Much Does It Cost to Slide a House?

The cost of sliding a house varies greatly depending on several factors like the size of the house, the distance and route of relocation, if you need a new foundation, if you need restumping, the slope of your lot and more. Therefore, you could pay as little as $20,000 to move a small home a few metres or up to $200,000 to move a large home many kilometres. Even though sliding your house is a big investment, it still costs less than almost any new house for sale in Brisbane.

The only way to know the true cost of sliding or moving your house is to obtain a quote from a house moving specialist.

Ensuring a Stress-Free House Sliding Process

The team at Meier House Removals specialises in house sliding, raising, and relocation in Brisbane. We simplify the house sliding process by connecting you with the forms, approvals and professionals you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. To prevent damage to your home, we take into account the dimensions of the house, its materials, how it was built, weather conditions and council approvals needed.

Meier House Removals is the company to call when you need to slide your home to a new position. To get a quote on your house relocation in Brisbane, call us on 07 3849 1122.