Reasons To Reposition Your House

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Reasons To Reposition Your House

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Re-positioning a house can be a very good move and there are a lot of practical reasons for house relocation. We have a few pointers for you about the value for money and positive results that relocating or re-positioning a house can deliver.


Here is some reason why you might re-position a house:


House Facing Issues

If your house faces east or west with a lot of window space on these sides, you’ll get ferocious summer light and heat entering your home for months. Changing to a north/south facing will eliminate most of the problems, and reduce the area directly exposed to the summer problems.


Coastal Properties

It’s quite common for a coastal home to be constantly and intensely exposed to sea winds, salt air, and sand. Re-positioning to a new location in a better position can solve these problems. Many people re-position houses, adding windbreaks and other features, to manage the coastal environment. The result is a less exposed house with less damage from corrosive elements.


Relocation for a Better View

A good, valuable reason for re-positioning a house is to take advantage of the opportunity for a fabulous view. This is a great idea for home upgrades and can deliver a new storey or split level design for your upgrade. You can add some large dollar values to your house with this option.


Onsite Space Management

Some houses are simply in the wrong place for what you want to do with them. Modern housing plans have moved away from older style building block layouts. A house may be too close to a fence for renovations or you may need to move the house to create more garden space. You’ll be surprised how many building and living space issues are easily fixed with a simple relocation of just a few metres.


Site Problems

A house in the wrong place may be subject to flooding, subsidence, erosion, or tree damage. Your house may need re-stumping, leveling and other services which are integral to the house relocation process. If you live near the bush, you probably don’t need to be told about these serious, and sometimes expensive, nuisances. The solution is to move the house to a better and safer position.


Why House Relocation and Re-positioning Work So Well

If you’re having site issues, or your house is suffering from problems of this kind, talk to a house relocation service. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to fix a lot of issues simply by moving or re-positioning your house. Your house relocation service will explain to you how it’s done, help you choose a good site, do the survey work for you, and give you all the practical guidance you need.


Thinking about a House Relocation in Brisbane?

If you’re thinking of moving or re-positioning your house in Brisbane, talk to Meier House Removals. Just call us on 07 3171 9358 or contact us online to talk to one of our specialists. We’ll be happy to assist and we can deliver any services you need.