Common Problems with House Relocation

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Common Problems with House Relocation

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House relocation and house raising aren’t everyday events for most people. Seeing your entire house on the move can be a very unusual, worrying experience, not to mention baffling. It can be hard to get your head around what’s involved, and there can be problems with some house relocations. In this article, we’re here to give you an insight into possible problems and offer reassurance.


Moving a House with Pre-Existing Problems

One of the most common reasons for house raising and house relocation is to fix the stumps. Houses can be put at risk by inadequate support, causing frames to warp and leading to structural damage. Professional house relocation services ensure structural integrity prior to any movement or raising, preventing problems during the process. When it moves, your house will be thoroughly protected.


Site Issues

This problem is a virtually endless shopping list of possibilities. It may include the choice of site, rocky or clay soil, site access for the house, trees, water table issues, survey issues, easements, and practically anything else. These problems are great reasons for getting house relocation experts to help you with your move. They’ll sort out the issues, explain to you clearly what’s involved, explain “re-stumping”, and put your mind to rest on the various worries.


Council Requirements

Any council, anywhere in Australia, may have a range of compliance issues related to your house relocation. You may need a development and building application while dealing with various requirements and conditions of approval. Council staff will be very helpful, but you do need to get expert advice to protect your interests and clarify any obscure technical points. Most of these issues are about ticking basic requirements, but make sure you have every council requirement clearly explained to you.

Important: Do not leave Council compliance issues up to assumptions; make sure you have your facts straight before you spend a cent. Get it right initially and you’ll have no problems.


What Your House Relocation Service Will Do for You

House relocation services know all about potential problems because they deal with them every day. Your relocation service will be able to provide you with detailed information about movement, house raising, transport of the house, and everything else.

It’s a good idea to speak to the experts first. Most importantly, your relocation service will spot any issues well before they happen and know how to prevent them.

You’ll be fully briefed on all aspects of the relocation while receiving reliable information regarding specific issues. Your house relocation service will map out the entire project for you. They’ll walk you through the basics, planning, surveying, and the technical building issues in relocation or raising.


Thinking about House Relocation in Queensland?

Meier House Removals can provide all the services you need for house relocation in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Ring 07 3171 9358 or contact us online to speak to our friendly experts. We’ll help you through the entire relocation process and assist with any issues or worries you may have about your big move.