Is a Plan Required Before Project Commencement?

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Is a Plan Required Before Project Commencement?

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The short answer to this question is “Yes!” Planning is critical to house relocation, and it must be done to proper professional construction standards. In this article, we’re having a closer look at the reasons for planning your house positioning project and the risks involved. Here are a few reasons why you need good, professional planning prior to house relocation.


Planning and Construction Essentials


Support Requirement Basics

A housing structure may be subject to a range of stresses which can do severe damage if the planning isn’t done properly. Gravity can cause serious damage because frames may be over-stressed and completely fail if not supported. A heavy tile roof can also do damage, making gravity’s destruction even more powerful.


Site Issues

Sites on slopes require additional support to compensate for the slope. Piles or stumps must be positioned to properly distribute and take the weight of the house. Leveling will also be required for proper management of stumps.


Soil Types

Some types of soil are less supportive than others. Clay, for example, is notorious for causing land and building movement. Stumps may need to be more like piles, dug to a considerable depth, with added support to compensate for these issues. If you have soil issues, it’s very strongly recommended to consult with your planner before any type of house relocation.


Type of House Construction

Different construction materials put different loads on supports. This is a classic architectural requirement for all buildings, and the supports for managing these loads vary considerably. Best architectural practice is to provide extra support, over and above the actual stresses, to ensure that the supports will definitely take the stresses placed on them.


Risk Factors in House Relocation

When relocating a house, you really do have to deal with all possible issues. There are obvious risks in house relocation which can occur without professional planning.


Frame Failure and Warping

Stresses may build up in the frames, causing them to fail and causing a cascade of pressures on adjoining frames. This problem can effectively demolish a house and make it uninhabitable. It’s a hideously expensive, very real risk to be avoided at all costs.


Support Failure

If the supports go, so does that part of the house. This situation can be catastrophic and may include a grim range of repairs. Very much to the point, correction will require all the basic work which should have been done before relocation anyway, with considerable added cost.


At the Planning Stage of House Relocation in Brisbane?

In either scenario, these problems can easily put you six figures out of pocket. Planning is your safeguard against truly unacceptable levels of risk. Meier House Removals can help you with your all aspects of your move, including top-quality professional planning.
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