Most Common House Relocation Services

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Most Common House Relocation Services

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House relocation is much more than just house moving from one place to another. It may involve significant planning, site issues, and a range of professional services. Some terminology may be quite unfamiliar to readers so we’ve created a short list of useful terms and descriptions of services to help you learn “house relocation language”.


House Raising

House Raising is a broad term. It can involve the transport of a house to a new location or relocation on its existing site for the purpose of renovation, extension, or space management. These types of relocation are quite common around Australia and may include house raising, house positioning, and related structural support for the new position of the house.


House Positioning

House positioning is the physical process of positioning a house in a new configuration or on a new site. It’s a meticulous process including architectural assessment, surveying and professional planning. The new position is planned exactly the way a new build is planned, focusing on support requirements and a thorough examination of siting needs.


House Rotation

This is the movement of the house into a new facing position. A house may be moved from facing west to north, for example. This involves re-configuring stumps and supports to match the structural needs of the new position.


House Sliding

Sliding is done by moving the house horizontally into its new position, typically using a slide and hydraulic jacks to position the house to perfection.


House Raising

House raising is a complex operation, sometimes even involving raising the house to accommodate a new lower storey. Hydraulic jacks or hydraulic trailer (depending on access) is typically used to raise the house and supports are placed under the house prior to new construction. House raising is often used for split level construction, or even improving the view in a good location.


House Leveling

House leveling is required to ensure structural stability for relocation. Levels are established to deliver strong support for the house structure, using stumps to provide that support. House leveling is also used to correct structural risks and problems with stumps which may damage the house. Leveling may involve re-stumping, adjustment, or packing of stumps to ensure proper structural support.

Please be aware: All aspects of house relocation involve top-quality, professional service and precision placement. House relocation involves strict building and construction standards in all aspects of planning, relocation and positioning.  Your house relocation professionals will take every precaution to ensure that your move is conducted perfectly, eliminating risk.


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