Positioning a Moved House

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Positioning a Moved House

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Positioning a moved house is a precision operation involving a range of possible factors and considerable skill. We’re going to give you a few pointers about how this work is done, and why it’s so important to be meticulous about all aspects of positioning.


The Basics of Positioning

Positioning a house involves relocating and setting the house down accurately on its supports, usually stumps. This move must be done properly to avoid stresses on the house structure. Even a minor misplacement may cause weight to be put on parts of the house which are then subjected to strain from gravity, the weight of the roof, and the rest of the house. Unless the positioning job is done perfectly, the force of gravity can destabilise the building over time and do significant damage to the framework.


The factors in positioning a house include:


Planning –

The site is surveyed and a formal site plan is used to establish the metrics for the new location of the building. Planning is based on accurate measurements by surveyors to establish siting metrics for stumps. This is painstaking work, requiring expert leveling skills and thorough awareness of potential issues.


Site preparation –

Depending on the site, this process may be quite straightforward or very complex. Initial site preparation for positioning involves a thorough assessment of the site. Preparation may involve clearing access to the new site and removing possible hazards.


Levelling –

After the site preparation process, leveling operations are conducted according to the site plan for relocation. Leveling means establishing levels for the house, not just the land. Restumping is conducted to establish a solid, level base for house placement. This may include new stumps or whatever additional site work is required to deliver a stable and secure support system for the house.


Equipment –

The standard equipment for positioning may include a crane or other house raising equipment like hydraulic jacks, and a slide system to move the house onto supports.


Finalising the Positioning

Positioning is a precise, no-nonsense process. As you watch your house being positioned, you’ll notice a lot of careful handling is involved. It requires expert knowledge and precise handling to position a house squarely on the stumps.
You’ll also notice that your house removal experts won’t tolerate any kind of inaccuracy in positioning. They carefully check for possible issues at every stage of the move. The house will be handled with extreme care during movement and placement. This is no job for amateurs as standards of professional pride are set very high in the industry.  Your house will be positioned and leveled perfectly, 100% in accordance with your plan.


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