DIY or Professional House Removalist?

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DIY or Professional House Removalist?

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Are you thinking about raising or moving your house? Perhaps you’re considering doing the bulk of the job yourself with the help of individual contractors or handymen? This is a huge risk! If you’re worried about whether the cost of hiring a professional house removalist is worth it, keep reading now.



Did you know that there are rules and regulations around house removal that need to be followed? These regulations change based on where you live and, if you don’t comply, you face hefty fines and risk having to do the job all over again. Trust us, that’s much more trouble than it’s worth. A trained, professional house removalist like Meier House Removals are fully aware of what rules are relevant and where. When you choose an experienced company, you can enjoy piece of mind and save potential future costs by being sure that your project is fully compliant.


Highly trained

For many people, their house is their most important and valuable asset and one that we’re sure you’d like to pass down to future generations. Why risk it by attempting this job yourself? Professional house removalists are highly trained in the skills required to complete the job with minimal risk to the structural integrity of your house. Meier House Removals have a near perfect track record of moving houses without any damage. So, hire a professional, protect your investment and increase the value of your home without the risk of damaging it.


Experts in safety

Raising or moving a house is not an easy job. Many risks can present themselves – sometime ones you wouldn’t expect. By hiring a professional like Meier House Removals, the team members are fully aware of all the risks and how to mitigate them. They can ensure that all the proper precautions are taken so no one gets hurt.



If you’re thinking about moving or raising your house, we assume you want to minimise the time you and your family have to be out of the house while the job is being completed. Relying on different contractor and attempting parts of the job yourself that you may have only done one or two times before will take a lot of time. When you hire a professional company, you know that they will have a cohesive team to tackle all elements of the job in an efficient manner. When you hire a team like Meier House Removals the job will be done, and you’ll be back inside in no time!

Protect your investment and your safety with Meier House Removals! We specialise in house moving, raising and sliding in the Brisbane area. If you’ve been considering a project, look no further! Give us a call to start planning today.