A Short History of House Removals

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A Short History of House Removals

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House relocation has been happening for longer than you would expect! People embark on such projects for many reasons, and the history of the process is actually quite interesting. Keep reading for a short history of house removals and the most notable relocations in history.


What’s involved in relocating a structure?

There are two main ways of relocating structures – you can either disassemble and reassemble it at its destination or raise the structure and transport it whole. These moves can be quite tricky and can even involve removing any obstacles along the way like overhead cables or trees. People embark on such a project to protect historical buildings or natural landmarks, or simply on a whim because they’d like their home in a different location!


Famous relocations

Most house relocations aren’t notable events – but there are some historical moves that have been very exciting indeed!


London’s Marble Arch

London’s famous Marble Arch was actually once the entrance to the newly-rebuilt Buckingham Palace. The time came for the Palace to be expanded again and the massive arch was moved to a location near Hyde Park in 1851. This was a mammoth task!


For the love of trees!

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first President of the Republic of Turkey, had a summer house known as the Yalova Atatürk Mansion. At the mansion, there was a huge old tree that the President grew to love. In 1936 he ordered that the whole mansion be moved just 4 meters to save this tree! The job was successfully completed!


Melbourne’s Cook Cottage

Built in 1755, Cook’s Cottage in the oldest building in Australia! How did it get here? Why, it came here from England of course! In 1934, Sir Russel Grimwade brought the house from Yorkshire to Melbourne by taking it apart and number each individual brick, shipping it to Australia and rebuilding it the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.


The house of the infamous millionaire

In April 2013, due to construction works, the house of famous Baku millionaire Isa Bey Hajinski, built in 1908, was moved 10m. The house weighted 18,000 tonnes. This was the heaviest building in the world ever moved!


Evolution of technology

The evolution of technology has helped the industry of structure relocation immensely. Back in the day, if you weren’t going to disassemble the structure you had to push it on rails, dollies or wheels. Now, we have more advanced technology and specially designed flatbed trucks to streamline the process. At Meier House Removals, we’re equipped with the latest in house relocation equipment to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible!

If you’re in Brisbane and considering raising, relocating or sliding your house then Meier House Removals are the right team to call! We can discuss the best approach for your project to achieve your desired results. Get in touch with us today!