5 Reasons to Raise Your House

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5 Reasons to Raise Your House

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Have you ever thought about raising your house? There are so many benefits to be enjoyed from the process – raising the value of your property is just the beginning! Keep reading for our top 5 reasons to raise your house.


1. Flood Prevention

­In Brisbane, flood prevention is one of the most frequently cited reasons for raising a home. Particularly if you leave near the river, taking this precaution can pay off big time in the long run. Not only will you minimise the risk of flood damage, your insurance premium will go down in you live in a high-risk area. Avoid costly repairs and arrange to have your home raised today!


2. Creating Outdoor Space

If you don’t have much of a backyard at your place, raising your home could be the perfect solution. You can use the space underneath your home as an undercover outdoor entertainment area! It’s perfect as you’ll have shelter from the hot Summer sun, but you can also let the space spill out to your back or front yard. You can set up your new open patio with a BBQ, chairs and a table for entertaining. You could even install a home gym down there. The options are endless! Creating your own private paradise underneath your newly raised home will be enjoyed by you, your family and guests while increasing the value of your home.


3. Incorporate Raising into Re-stumping

If your home already requires re-stumping, it could be the perfect opportunity to raise the house as well. It will give you the benefit of having more pace to work with during the re-stumping job and then leave you to enjoy the benefits of extra space after you’re done. Consider putting in a carport or even seek council permission to create a small garage.


4. Extra Space for the Whole Family

For growing families, space is truly invaluable. If you raise your house, the extra space could be transformed into a granny flat for teenage kids or visitors. You could install a play area for the kids, or a workshop for Dad. Extra storage can be incorporated into all of these options which is always a plus. Raising your house can give you the opportunity to grow with your home and make it work for the needs of your family.


5. Better Views

Getting getter views is a side benefit you’ll enjoy if you raise your house! Many suburbs in Brisbane are quite hilly, so there’s a good chance raising your house will open up the view from inside which will make the space feel larger and more relaxing. This will also add value to your home. It’s a win, win!

Raising your home might seem like a big job, but with the professionals it can be a simple and hassle-free process. It offers so many benefits to you and your family and, importantly, adds value to your property. If you’re ready to grow with your home by raising the structure, give Meier House Removals a call. We’re Brisbane’s house removal and relocation specialists!