Can I Lower My House?

Typical Queenslander house raised up

Can I Lower My House?

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In Brisbane, old Queenslander homes are very common. That is, weatherboard houses that sit up above a garage or open space underneath. This can be great as it increases airflow underneath and cools the house down and protects it from flood damage. However, for some, having a raised house can be problematic. You might be surprised about the possible solutions! Keep reading to find out if you could lower your house.


Why Lower My House?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to lower your house. Keep reading to find out if you fit the bill!



As you or members of your family get older the stairs in raised houses can become problematic. Particularly if the house itself is only one story, it can become seemingly pointless to even have stairs in the the first place. Worry not, lowering it is possible!


Disability Access

Having a raised house can pose a problem if someone in your family or in your community is living with a mobility issue. It could be more effective to lower the house than to install a ramp or a lift. If people using wheelchairs need access to your home it can be a good reason to power the structure.



Some people perceive having a raised house as dangerous, particularly for small children. The stairs and a high balcony or outdoor area can be unsafe for kids. It also means that the kids can’t play in the backyard and be supervised unless mum or dad comes down the ground level with them. Lowering the house can be a great solution for this problem.


Why Not?

There’s no wrong reason to lower your house! You could simply be sick of the stairs or want to be closer to the ground. Whatever your reason, you’ll want to know if it can be done and how much it will cost.


Is My House Suitable for Lowering?

To answer this, it really depends on the type of your house. Lowering houses with full bottom stories is possible but can be costly. On the other hand, houses on stilts are much easier. Generally speaking, lowering your house is definitely an option that could can consider further.


What Next?

If you’re considering lowering your house, the best course of action is to contact a company to see if they can do the job. If you’re in Brisbane, make Meier House Removals your first choice With years of experience, the team have lowered houses for clients for a multitude of reasons. The team will be able to plan the lowering of your house with minimal disruption to you, so you can reap the benefits. To discuss how we can meet your individual needs, give us a call today.