Can I Raise My House if it Has a Fireplace?

Can I Raise My House if it Has a Fireplace?

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Are you thinking of raising your house but are worried about the chimney surviving the rise? Lifting a chimney inside a timber house is indeed possible depending on a couple of variables. However, careful planning is required when raising a house with a chimney and not all chimneys will be salvageable. If the location of your chimney meets the requirements, thorough planning should be enough to raise that chimney successfully!


Where is the chimney built?

Whether or not your chimney will be able to be raised intact depends a lot on where it is located in the house. The logistics are complex so it’s important to talk to your local house remover to assess your individual circumstances.


How solid is the chimney?

A solid chimney in a timber house shouldn’t be a problem if it’s in the right location. Expert movers will simply rig steel beams under it and through the base to secure it. The house can then be raised, and the chimney adjusted. However, the weaker your chimney the more likely it is to crack or get damaged during the process.


What is your house made out of?

Chimneys inside timber houses are much easier to raise than brick houses. Brick houses present a number of difficult factors that make raising them successfully an unlikely feat. Mostly due to the weight, this kind of job is usually not economically viable in Australia.


Consider upgrading

If you’re raising your house and enjoy using a fire, it could be the perfect time to upgrade. The benefits of a new chimney in your newly renovated and raised house mean you could have the luxury of having a fireplace both upstairs and downstairs. Fitting a gas fireplace would eliminate the need for firewood as well as being much safer.


What happens if it goes wrong?

There is always a chance your chimney could crumble or get damaged during the job. If this was to occur, it is usually possible to repair your chimney. For those that are salvageable, a builder will be able to repair it for you. Otherwise, a new one can be installed. It’s important to be aware of the risks when undertaking this kind of project.

If you’re considering raising a house with a chimney, the best course of action is to discuss it with an expert. In Brisbane, Meier House Removals specialise in raising houses of all shapes and sizes. While there will always be a risk involved, choosing an experienced team who know exactly what they’re doing will maximise the chance of success. Meier House Removals have successfully raised many houses with chimneys and they will do it again! Give us a call today to discuss the raising of your home.