Cost of Raising and Restumping a House in Brisbane

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Cost of Raising and Restumping a House in Brisbane

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When it comes to raising or restumping your house in Brisbane, several costs exist outside of paying a house raising specialist. For instance, you have to pay for soil tests and may have to pay for a development permit. Furthermore, you’ll need plans from a builder or engineer to solidify the locations of the new stumps. After you undergo the raising, restumping and slabbing processes, you’ll need contractors to reconnect to add plumbing, electrical and other utilities. As you can imagine, these costs add up.

Meier House Removals has been helping homeowners in Queensland raise and restump their houses for over 30 years. In this post, we’ll break down the average cost of house raising and how you might be able to save money.

Average Cost of House Raising in Brisbane

On average, the cost of raising a three-bedroom house in Brisbane is between $15,000 to $25,000. Factors that influence where your house falls within this range include the original material of your stumps; the soil quality; whether you need a new foundation or just a repair; and if your house is on a slope.

When you add in the cost of other services like plans, approvals, plumbing, electrical, excavation, building materials and other contract work, the total cost of raising your house and making the proper renovations is approximately $80,000.

House Raising and Restumping Process

One of the biggest cost influencers is whether you want to raise your house or raise and restump your house.

House raising involves raising your entire house above the ground and placing it on temporary supports while your house raisers carry out work like installing permanent concrete or steel supports and pouring a new foundation or underpinning. Then, depending on your plans, other contractors can commence building and installing utilities.

Restumping your house is typically done to repair foundation damage. Restumping begins with raising your house and then repairing or replacing the existing stumps. Depending on the extent of damage to your foundation, the next step may involve pouring a new foundation or levelling the existing one. The size of your house and the slope of the ground affect the cost of restumping.

Save Money on House Raising

While house raising and restumping are significant investments, they’re still cheaper than the alternatives of buying a new house or building from scratch when your foundation fails.

The best way to save money on raising or restumping your house is to find a contractor that specialises in several of the services you need. Meier House Removals offers raising, restumping, levelling, spinning and house relocation. Furthermore, we work with a network of surveyors, builders, contractors and other service providers to help you secure the right approvals and best prices on quality work.

To obtain the most accurate quote on your house raising project, ensure you have the proper forms and approvals ready for your house raiser. These include drawings, building plans, planning approval (if necessary) and soil tests.

To request a quote on raising and restumping your house in Brisbane, call Meier House Removals on 07 3849 1122.