Forms and Approvals Required When Restumping or Raising Your House in Brisbane

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Forms and Approvals Required When Restumping or Raising Your House in Brisbane

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The planning stage of house raising is the most critical. Before you raise your house in Brisbane, you have to consider several factors, including design and structural elements and proper planning and building approvals and permits.

Most Brisbane residents aren’t up to date with the latest City Council building codes, so finding a house raising specialist that can help you through every step of planning will make the process go a lot more smoothly.

Start by Finding a Qualified Surveyor and Builder

The first step in planning your house raising project is finding a qualified surveyor and builder to draft the plans. Before making arrangements with your house raisers, you need to obtain plans outlining exactly what you need. This means structural and engineering plans to show the accurate positioning of any new stumps. You will also need soil test results so your house raiser can understand what materials to use and where to place the stumps to avoid water damage.

Getting Approvals and Permits for House Raising

Next, it’s important to find out if you need planning approval from the Brisbane City Council. If you are raising your house 9.5 metres or higher, then you need to request building approval and a development application. However, anything under 9.5 metres is considered a minor build, and you do not need to request building approval.

A few other Brisbane City Council regulations to keep in mind include:

  • Permits for plumbing and electrical work if you intend to extend utilities to the new basement level of your house
  • Footpath permit to cross a footpath with a truck
  • Restrictions for Heritage Listings and how to navigate renovations to houses with traditional building character overlay

Completing a Form 16

A Form 16 is required for all new builds, extensions and renovations in Queensland. This is a mandatory certificate that ensures the building complies with regulations and codes. It is required before you can add any other aspects to the original building scope, such as plumbing or electricity.

Finding a House Raising Specialist That Can Help

There’s a lot of planning involved in a successful house raising project and many forms to file. All of those steps are required before the house raising can even begin. Finding a house raising specialist to help you make sense of these requirements, and facilitate connections to other tradespeople to complete your project, will always move it along faster.

This is where Meier House Removals comes in. We’ve been raising, restumping and sliding houses in Brisbane for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve established a network of builders, surveyors, plumbers, electricians and many more qualified people who can help you make a plan for your house raising project and execute the final design afterwards. Furthermore, we work closely with you to ensure you file the correct paperwork and prepare your worksite safely and efficiently.

Just remember, for a seamless project, you need:

  • Engineering plans
  • Soil tests
  • Building plans
  • Form 16 – issued after a surveyor has inspected the new site

Happy house raising!

Start your project with the house raising company in Brisbane that knows best. Call Meier House Removals on 07 3849 1122.