Can a House Be Spun Around to Face a Different Direction?

Can a House Be Spun Around to Face a Different Direction?

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When you love your home and its location, but you don’t love its orientation, what can you do? With house spinning and rotating in Queensland, you can rotate a house for aesthetic and functionality purposes – and have it placed down safely back on the lot.

In this article, we’re looking at why homeowners might want to rotate their property, and which direction your house should face for maximum energy efficiency. Whether you want to cut down on energy bills or enjoy a better view from your balcony, house spinning could be the best solution for you.


Why would I want to rotate a house?

There are several individual reasons you might want to rotate a house. Some common motivations our customers cite include:

  • The desire to open the space for new development opportunities
  • A house is poorly positioned and needs to be shifted or rotated slightly
  • The desire to maximise the space and install a new garage, swimming pool, granny flat or other feature
  • Reduce the likelihood of corrosion caused by ocean conditions
  • Increase the amount of natural sunlight in the home
  • Boost energy efficiency
  • Take advantage of a better view


Principles of good house orientation

Good orientation of the home increases its energy efficiency and as a result, makes it more comfortable to live in and keeps your energy bills lower. When choosing the best orientation, consider the climate; do you need mostly passive heating, passive cooling or both? Good building orientation also considers factors like scenic views and drainage considerations.

To soak up maximum energy from the sun, position your most-used rooms (such as the kitchen and living room) on the southern side. Rooms like the garage and laundry room are best placed on the northern side of the house – they’ll act as a buffer from cooler weather to keep your main rooms warmer.

You can find more information about building orientation on Your Home.


House spinning in Queensland

Not all houses can be rotated in Queensland; it’s important to apply for an initial consultation with property pivoting experts like Meier House Removals. We’ll be able to assess your property and determine if it’s suitable for house sliding.

We will assist in helping you apply to the relevant Council for permission to rotate or slide your home, and once a decision has been made and we get the go-ahead, we can begin the process.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry and the relevant insurance to ensure you have the protection you need, choose Meier House Removals for house spinning in Queensland.


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