What You Need to Know When Relocating a Two-storey House

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What You Need to Know When Relocating a Two-storey House

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Brisbane offers a wealth of house relocation opportunities, enabling people to maintain the character and style of old houses, but moving them to new areas where the market for them is stronger and the value of the house is maximised.

The relocation of houses requires the added step of splitting homes into two before transporting them to the new location (depending on the overall width) and re-joining the house back together again. The professional house relocators at Meier House Removals have the expertise needed to re-join the structures without damaging the integrity of the building.

Here’s what you need to know about the process for house relocation in QLD.


The two-storey house relocation process in QLD

Once you’ve found the home and chosen its new location, the process can begin. To give you an approximate idea of time frames, you can expect 28 business days to obtain the necessary approvals to shift the house on the roads only. Approvals to get the house of the property and onto the property is up to the Owner.  We can assist you with this process. Once the house is on site it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to join the house together (if it must be cut) and complete the installation of the steel columns and structural beams (if the house is going highset).

Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. We’ll arrange an inspection to assess the suitability of a block and advise if any steps need to be taken before the process, such as the removal of trees or fences.
  2. The approvals process begins, including obtaining the necessary permits required by QLD law. We can help you with this.
  3. The house is prepared to delivery to the new site.  Either house is shifted in a single or must be cut.  This is determined by the overall width of the house.
  4. The house is loaded and moved on our state-of-the-art relocation trailers, with the assistance of police escorts and pilot vehicles. This starts late at night to ensure the safety of other vehicles on the roads.
  5. Preparing the house for removal takes longer with y houses that must be cut.
  6. The structures of the house are reassembled in the new location, and the roof is re-pitched.  Depends on the pitch of the roof if we must drop the removal to shift it.

We travel under 5 meters loaded.

  1. We carry out stumping. This includes the excavation of pier holes, the installation of steel stumps and the pouring of concrete. Once the concrete has cured, the home can be lowered onto the new foundations.
  2. Reconnection of services is to be done by others, but we can assist you this includes electricity, plumbing and other essential services.


The permits and approvals you’ll need to have

Before moving a house in Brisbane or around Queensland, you’ll have to discuss your options with the council; any building proposal on vacant land in character residential zones must meet certain requirements and must not impact the streetscape character.

To relocate a home in Queensland, a QBCC contractor’s license is required, unless an exemption applies, or the total value is less than $3,300.

Meier House Removals can assist in the process of obtaining licenses, permits and approvals for a seamless house relocation.


Contact Meier House Removals

To find out more about house relocations for sale with Meier House Removals, just contact our team. We understand that you might have a lot of questions at this point, so give us a call on 07 3171 9358 and we’ll take you from the planning stage to the approvals process and the final relocation until the project is completed to absolute satisfaction.