The Best Materials to Restump a House in Brisbane

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The Best Materials to Restump a House in Brisbane

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Uneven floors, cracking walls, and jammed windows are all signs your house needs restumping or levelling. Stumps are timber, steel or concrete posts that sit under your house to support your foundation. This process requires prompt attention from a professional because broken, cracked, or rotting stumps can cause your entire foundation to collapse.

Every kind of stump is subject to decay. The rate of decay depends on several factors such as your location, the soil conditions and the style of your home.

Choosing the right material for house stumps increases their longevity and decreases the frequency at which you have to replace them. Here, Meier House Removals shares the basic information about timber, steel and concrete stumps to help you make the best decision about restumping in Brisbane.

Pros and Cons of Timber Stumps

Many houses built before 1970 have timber stumps, as timber used to be the choice building material. Today, the most appealing advantage of timber stumps is the low price point. Some building projects mandate treated timber stumps, such as restumping character houses or houses in extremely wet conditions.

The main issue with timber stumps is the short lifespan due to the inevitable decay of natural materials. In wet soil, timber stumps have a lifespan of as little as 20 years. You can attribute this short lifespan to dry rot and termites and borers.

Pros and Cons of Steel Stumps

Steel stumps are the most expensive, but they are also the most versatile for optimal foundation support in all kinds of soil.

The main concern for using steel stumps is rust. The only way to avoid rust is to opt for Hot Dipped Galvanised steel instead. Hot Dipped Galvanised steel stumps are superior to every other stump material.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Stumps

Concrete is the preferred material for most restumping, reblocking and underpinning projects. Concrete stumps are durable, securely connect to your house and are low maintenance.

The disadvantages of concrete stumps come into play when your soil has a high moisture content. Water causes the metal parts of concrete stumps to rust and erode, quickening the decay process. Furthermore, vibrations in the ground cause concrete to crack, or concrete cancer as we call it. Reinforced concrete has a lifespan of between 50-100 years.

Choosing the Right House Restumpers in Brisbane

No matter what stump material you choose, if you live in your house long-term, you will likely need to have it restumped. Even though restumping is an investment, it’s far cheaper than having to rebuild your house if your foundation fails. Whether you see signs of foundation damage or not, scheduling a visual inspection with a restumping specialist can save your home.

Meier House Removals offers the best house restumping and underpinning solutions in Queensland. Our licenced and insured contractors use soil test results to determine which stumps will provide the best support for your foundation. If you have inquiries about house restumping in Queensland, contact us for a detailed quote.

To learn more about Meier House Removals’ restumping services, call us on 07 3849 1122.