Benefits of Repositioning, Spinning or Sliding Your House in Brisbane

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Benefits of Repositioning, Spinning or Sliding Your House in Brisbane

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If you love your house but don’t love the position your house is in, you have several solutions that don’t require buying a new one, demolishing and moving. Meier House Removals has helped thousands of Brisbane homeowners solve gripes about their house without calling a moving company. Here, we’ll discuss your options for house renovation and the problems it can solve.

Repositioning by spinning and sliding are two popular methods of house relocation in Queensland. Yes, we mean moving your house on site, not moving to a new house. What are the differences? Let’s break it down.

House spinning involves raising your house and turning to face a different direction.

House sliding involves moving your house sideways, forwards or backwards using our Hydraulic Trailer (depending on access) or slide with the use of soap, steels and 15 Tonne hydraulic jacks to place it in a new position on your lot.

Mitigate Harsh Weather Conditions

Changing your house’s location on your lot may be the best solution to combat Brisbane’s extreme weather conditions like heat, flooding, subsidence, erosion or tree damage. For example, if your house faces east or west, you get a lot of unwanted sunlight and heat in the summer months. Spinning your house so that the windows face north or south will do wonders for temperature regulation. Furthermore, if your house is on the wrong side of a slope, you might experience damage from flooding and trees that you could easily prevent by moving your house to a different place.

Coastal homes in Queensland experience their own set of corrosive nuisances like sea winds, salt air and sand. Many coastal homeowners move their houses to the backend of their lots and install a windbreak to mitigate damage.

Relocate for a Better View

Spinning your house to face a new direction can transform your view. Say you walk outside every morning to a nice look at your Neighbour’s front yard. Simply call Meier House Removals to spin your house 180º for a beautiful view of the coastline.

Create Space for Renovations

Repositioning your house creates more space for onsite renovations that don’t interfere with aesthetics. Is your house too close to the curb or your Neighbour’s fence? Is your house centered on your lot and preventing you from adding a pool in the backyard? Relocating just a few meters opens a lot of space for extensions, additions and value-add features.


If you move your house far enough over to one side of your lot, you might have enough room to subdivide and build another house or shift a removal home onto the new site. Then, you can rent it out and start putting money in your pocket every month or even sell that property.

Increase Your Property Value

Placing your house in its ideal location on your lot doesn’t just make your living experience better, but it also increases the potential resale value for buyers.

The building block layout of houses in the Centre of lots limits your views, weather protection and potential for your property. You don’t have to give up your beautiful home to fall in love with its location too. House repositioning might be a better option.

To find out more about repositioning your house in Brisbane, get in touch with the experts at Meier House Removals on 07 3849 1122.