The Benefits of Buying Land and Relocating a House

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The Benefits of Buying Land and Relocating a House

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Many buyers who are trying to enter the property market buy a block of land with the intention of building on it later. Even when you can’t afford to build, buying the right block in the right location when it becomes available ensures you don’t miss out and protects you from rising land values.

If you’re thinking about buying land as an affordable alternative to buying a property with a dwelling, you should consider the benefits of relocating an existing house onto that land. Done right, this can be a much faster and cheaper way to secure your dream home. But there are important considerations to take before rushing in.


What to Consider When Buying Land

It’s essential to do your thorough research before buying a block of land. Look into its history as what the land has been previously used for can affect your plans for future use. Ensure the land is zoned for residential purposes and has good access to roads and services, e.g. water, electricity and sewage. Rezoning can take time or might not be allowed at all.

Get topography and soil tests to ensure you won’t be affected by problems relating to soil profile, slopes, runoff, erosion and easements, which can make building or relocating a house onto the land more complex and expensive. If you need to get a loan to purchase land, check whether your lender has a minimum period before you have to start building to secure finance.


Benefits of Relocating an Existing House

When it comes to affordability, relocating an existing house onto a vacant block of land can offer huge savings. If you start with the right house and work with the right people, you can save 40 per cent of what it would cost to build a new home. It also takes far less time than building from scratch and is also an environmentally sustainable option.

The average cost of buying a relocatable house is between $70 to $100,000. They can go so cheaply because you’re often doing the previous owner a favour by taking away an old dwelling that they would otherwise have to demolish at their own cost. Another big reason why people like relocating homes is that many of these older relocatable homes have period details and craftsmanship that would be very expensive to replicate.


House Removals in Queensland

Relocating a house from one location to another is an impressive engineering and logistical feat. It’s something you want to ensure is handled by experienced professionals. If you want to relocate or remove your home in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland, the experienced team at Meier House Removals can help!

We provide all-inclusive quotes that consider every service from clearing the site and lifting the house off the ground to arranging insurance, police escorts, overhead wire disconnections and anything else required during the move.

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