What Documentation is Needed to Shift a House to a Different Suburb?

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What Documentation is Needed to Shift a House to a Different Suburb?

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Whether you’re making the move from Brisbane to a more peaceful suburb like Birkdale, or you want to relocate for work reasons – what if you want to keep your original property? With house relocation services, you can do exactly that.

We can transport your house across QLD suburbs completely risk-free, ensuring it is raised and relocated with no damage to the structure’s integrity. You might want to move a home just to get access to a better view, an area that’s less prone to flooding or to preserve a historic home.

In this article, we’ll look at the documentation, including planning and approvals you’ll need in Queensland to shift a house to a different suburb.


Brisbane City Council expectations

Approval from the bank or mortgage company

Before you start the relocation process, you’ll need to get approval from the bank or the company that holds the mortgage on the property. This application can take longer if you need to get a construction loan to cover the costs of raising and relocating.

Approval from BCC (Brisbane City Council)

If you’re submitting a building proposal for vacant land in a Traditional building character overlay or Character residential zone, your application will be assessed based on its impact on the streetscape character. You must not shift a building without the approval from the council, as features like the garden and fencing may not fit with the character of the area.

Contractor’s licence

A QBCC contractor’s licence is required for all construction, renovation and alteration of a relocatable home, if the value of the work exceeds $3000 including the cost of the materials.

The QBCC licence is only needed if removal and transportation of the building is being undertaken alongside other building work. Speak to your removal experts to find out if they already hold a contractor’s licence, and to see what other permits and licenses they can take care of.

Transit insurance

Transit insurance is an essential policy when it comes to moving business goods or personal belongings to a new location. It covers the packing and unpacking, storage and movement of the goods, to cover damage or loss during transit.

Meier House Removals has transit insurance and takes care of other licenses and permits needed to transport goods across Queensland’s roads, so our customers don’t need to worry about the well-being of their home and belongings.


Choose reputable house relocators in Brisbane

Meier House Removals has over 30 years of experience in the relocation industry, and we’re well-versed in the QLD documentation and approvals that are required to complete the job safely and smoothly. The above list isn’t exhaustive, and our experts can run you through any other documentation you may need.

Relocating a property to a different suburb is a huge job, but you can rest assured we follow all the state’s legal guidelines and adopt best industry practices for maximum efficiency and best results.


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