House Raising vs. House Levelling – Which Service do I Need for My House in Brisbane?

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House Raising vs. House Levelling – Which Service do I Need for My House in Brisbane?

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Until now, you might have thought that house raising and house levelling were the same thing. That’s ok – Meier House Removals is here to explain the difference, and help you decide which is right for you. House raising is the act of raising your entire house off the ground, whereas house levelling is the act of evening the foundation by bringing the lowest points of the plane to the same elevation as the highest. To level a house, you have to raise certain parts, so the processes are relatively similar.

How Do You Raise a House?

During the house raising process, a skilled contractor, like Meier House Removals, separates the house from its foundation, raises it with hydraulic jacks and places temporary supports underneath to hold it until further construction commences.

Benefits of Brisbane House Raising

The three main reasons why someone might consider house raising in Queensland are for flood protection, to add more space to their home, or to increase their home’s resale value.

House Raising to Protect Against Floods

If your home is in a flood zone, raising it lowers the risk of flood damage. Not only will this save you money on repairs to water damage, but having your house raised also decreases your flood insurance premium.

House Raising to Add More Space

House raising offers a solution for homeowners who want to add a home extension without compromising space in their backyard. Depending on how high you raise your house, you can use this extra room underneath for storage, a garage or a basement. Some homeowners even choose to add permanent posts and use the area underneath to extend their backyard space.

House Raising to Increase the Value of Your Home

Finally, raising your house increases its resale value. The monetary benefits of adding more space go without saying, but the biggest value add in Brisbane is flood protection. Homeowners in The Gold Coast have a difficult time trying to sell in a flood zone. Buyers don’t want to purchase flood insurance on top of a home, but having a raised house gives potential buyers peace of mind (and wallet).

Benefits of Brisbane House Levelling

House levelling is the most effective way to repair or replace a damaged foundation. The levelling process involves lifting a house, evening the foundation and placing the house back on top.

If the foundation is extremely damaged, it may go through a process called underpinning. Underpinning involves raising a house and installing a completely new foundation under the existing one. In areas prone to flooding like Brisbane, most foundation issues are caused by poor soil. If this is the case, then steel helical piles will be drilled through the foundation and into the bedrock to provide permanent support.

Safeguarding Your Home During the Raising Process

House raising is a serious and complicated endeavour that, when done correctly, offers many benefits to your home but, when done poorly, causes irreversible damage. Meier House Removals has the skills and experience to safely and effectively raise and level your home.

To request a quote on house raising in Queensland, call the experts at Meier House Removals on 07 3849 1122.