Are There Hidden Costs to House Raising?

Are There Hidden Costs to House Raising?

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With the practice of raising a house becoming ever more popular in Queensland, it’s not so hard to find a well-practiced professional to raise your home. There are multiple benefits to raising your house, but many people wonder what is the cost, and are there any hidden costs that might surprise you?

If you are planning to build an extension underneath your home or simply protect your property in flood prone areas, the cost of raising a house and building underneath it is approximately 10 per cent more than extending out or up on a flat site.

Each project has unique attributes that can influence the overall cost, but as long as you think out and plan the process properly, you should be able to account for every expense you’ll come across.


House Size

Unsurprisingly, the larger your home and the heavier it is, the more complicated and expensive the process becomes. Quality house raising companies will always give you straightforward quotes about what the price will be based on the dimensions of the property and the material it’s constructed from.


Existing Damage to the Property

Like any damaged goods, you have to take a lot more care moving a damaged house. Whether the flooring, drywall, stumps or foundations have experienced decay, water damage, rotting or other wear and tear over the years, the challenge applies. In some cases, repairs may be necessary before the house can be lifted. This will obviously add to the costs.

If your stumps are damaged, it may be because of poor soil or movement. To ensure problems don’t arise in the immediate future again, you’ll need to secure the new foundations by leveling the house. Many homeowners use the house raising process as an opportunity to re-stump their property.


Key “Hidden” Costs

While these costs certainly aren’t hidden, it’s important to also account for:

  • Soil tests
  • Council permits
  • Engineering plans and sign off
  • Landscaping/clearing for site accessibility
  • Electricity and plumbing re-connections
  • Potential need for re-stumping
  • A surveyor to measure the ideal, precise height and position of the house
  • Potential repairs to cracked plaster or other minor damage occurring during lifting

At Meier House Removals, we will always talk you through everything that will be required when we provide our full quote so you have a good idea of what the process will cost.


House Raising and Re-stumping in Brisbane

If you’re interested in finding out whether your house in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland can be raised, get in touch with the experienced team at Meier House Removals. We will work closely with your builder, surveyor and local council to ensure your house raising is properly planned and conducted with the utmost professionalism.

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