Blocked View? Consider Raising Your Home

Blocked View? Consider Raising Your Home

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Homeowners across Queensland have been raising their properties for years, using the technique to make aesthetic or functional alterations or additions to houses. Some people do so to protect their homes in flood-prone areas.

Others are looking for a creative way to update the interior and exterior of their homes with more space and an improved view. With house raising, you can enjoy these benefits and more!


Improving the View

Only so many properties can fit along a shore-front or in an area with a nice view of a city skyline, river, forest area or some other pleasant landmarks. If your visibility is just blocked by the height of your house, raising it can create a whole new visual experience to living in your home.

Brisbane, in particular, is full of beautiful hilly terrains and breathtaking views. You no longer have to consider moving to a scenic location when you can simply create one yourself.


Adding Another Floor

Many people dream of owning a multi-storey house. However, for most homeowners, that dream is not attainable when they first purchase their house. On the other hand, circumstances can change. Rather than upgrading to a bigger house once you have a larger income and a bigger family, you can add a whole extra floor to your existing home.

Lifting your home presents an affordable way to create additional space for more rooms, a garage, a cellar or extra storage space. It also adds a significant amount of extra value to your home.


Flood Protection

Many areas in Queensland are prone to flooding. In fact, flood damage prevention is one of the most cited reasons for homeowners wanting to raise a home. This is especially true in areas like the suburbs around Brisbane River. Raising your home eliminates the risk of costly flood repairs and can actually lower the amount of insurance you have to pay as a result.


Need to Re-stump Your Home?

If your house requires re-stumping, it’s an excellent opportunity to consider raising your home. It means there is more space to complete the re-stumping job, as well as adding more space and value to your property in general. Often, we have to lift the house up on blocks for the re-stumping process anyway, so you’re already halfway towards raising it up.


Council Regulations

Before planning, remember that there are a number of restrictions you will have to comply with. You should find out whether you require planning approval for raising your house. In residential zones in Brisbane, most houses have a limit of 9.5 metres set at the highest point unless you get a development approval from council, which is costly and difficult to get.

Where it gets tricky is that there is also an Australia wide minimum legal ceiling height of 2.7 metres in bedrooms and living rooms. This will have to be taken into consideration if you wanted to add a bedroom on new lower level that is created.


House Raising and Re-stumping in Brisbane

If you want to re-stump and/or raise your house in Brisbane, the experienced team at Meier House Removals can help! We will work closely with you builder and surveyor to ensure your house raising is properly planned and conducted with the utmost professionalism.

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