Pete K

We had experience with another major company, having done a complex house move and build, it was a very unhappy experience (my goodness, big story there). Now on our second, using Meier instead (with a huge 3story lift and complex multi-stage structural with the house in the air and shift). Having experienced what must have been one of the worst operators, and now working with Meier, I am totally blown away by the experience. They rank as high as I can in the building world. It is important to be sure that anyone involved in your build is 1.Truthful 2.Answers the phone & prompt (big one) 3. Priced fairly 4.Ethical 5 Flexible. These guys are all of these and more. Feel free to use someone slightly cheaper than them, but be prepared to pay more over all with on-costs, delay and tears! Would give them more stars if possible. Thank you Ralph and Trish, you are a credit to the industry.