Cost Factors in House Re-Stumping

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Cost Factors in House Re-Stumping

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Whether you need house re-stumping work because you have damaged or decaying stumps or require it as part of raising, spinning or relocating your home, the work often doesn’t come cheaply. Re-stumping a house is a major undertaking that you want completed with the utmost professionalism.

The cost of re-stumping will depend on a variety of factors such as whether you need a partial or full re-stump, the current conditions of your stumps and the outcome you ultimately want. Below we’ll look at everything from materials to soil conditions that can affect the cost of your re-stumping.


Scope of the Job

There are a number of factors that determine how big of a job the re-stumping project will be, such as:

  • The number of stumps that have to be replaced
  • The height of the stumps required
  • Material of the stumps (timber, concrete or steel)
  • Number of bearers and joists to be replaced

Unsurprisingly, a larger property will take longer and cost more to re-stump. However, other aspects of the site can also play a big role. In a lot of cases, re-stumping can be completed in one go. But the cost of the job will go up if workers have to come and go over several days.


Property Height

A property that is quite high off the ground is easy to work on. In these cases, the labour cost is reduced as a mini digger can usually complete the task. However, houses that sit low require workers to excavate and dig in, or lift and hold the house on blocks to complete the re-stumping process.


Soil Conditions

The type of soil underneath your house can influence how much the re-stumping will cost as poor soil conditions can require more work to complete the job properly. Before work can commence, you will need to get someone to test the soil as well as determine how deep the foundation footings go.


Changing Materials

Many clients decide to change the material of their stumps when getting their houses re-stumped. For example, they might opt to go from timber or concrete stumps to steel stumps, particularly when raising a house. This is ideal as steel frames a strong, long lasting and appropriate for a structural framework that doesn’t take up too much space.

Changing materials isn’t always appropriate, however. For example, if you are only doing a partial re-stump, then it makes much more sense to use the same material as the existing stumps.


Re-stumping in Queensland

Are you noticing the warning signs that you might need a re-stump? This includes sloping or uneven floors, distorted window and door frames, decaying foundations, changing soil conditions or visibly decaying stumps.

The team at Meier House Removals can help with re-stumping properties in Brisbane and across Queensland. Call us today on 07 3171 9334 or get in touch with us online.